More Motion Capture with a side of Modularity
August 10th, 2021

House created with modular assets

Exciting news!!! 
We were approved for a grant from the Ontario Arts Council!! Which is super exciting and a huge honor! We couldn't be more greateful and we are very excited to have their funding to continue this project!!
Thank you OAC!!
I have continued to use the Xbox 360 Kinect route of motion capture. I journeyed to the far away land of Belleville, Ontario., placed my motion capture set up on the sidewalk outside my moms house. This was pretty useful because there is such little foot traffic in her area and having the actual ground under me instead of a slippery hardwood floor made it a lot easier to rollerblade properly. 
I was able to capture a lot of footage during this session and am still going through it all and seeing what I can use but it looks promising. The addition of another kinect was really helpful to capture full movement from both sides instead of the signle side I was using in my apartment. I do have a few work in progress posts of the motion capture on Twitter and Instagram.
I have also finally finished unwrapping the modular assets (except for a few windows that I didn’t realize I had missed) so I can now finally begin using our House Builder to create randomized houses to build the neighbourhood with. I hope this actually turns out to be faster and more useful in the long run. 
Next Steps:
I am going to continue to process the motion capture data and clean it up so it can be used in game and also begin working with the House Builder to start creating the level! Super exciting.
Nabil has finished the first draft on our UI for the mp3 player! It’s really exciting to see things coming together even if it is just the placeholder visuals! (see GIF below)
We have the music manager UI working with the music visualizer. 
Nabil has had a bit of time off as we were between funding but with our second grant we are continuing forwards.

First pass on music manager UI

Next Steps:
Nabil will be back in about a week and starting up on completing things missing from the music manager UI as well as adding some other functionality and implementing new features to the game!
Eliza has finished the first upbeat track and is making progress on the downbeat track as well as the first “Night” track which will be really exciting to hear!
Next Steps:
Eliza will be continuing to complete the downbeat track and night track.
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