Motion Capture
June 23rd, 2021

Short clip of the first pass Forward Movement animation via Motion Capture.

Lately I have been working with the Xbox One Kinect to do DIY Motion Capture for the animations in game. 
It has been a struggle since at first I was using an Xbox 360 Kinect and a less effective software to capture the movement and then bring it into blender. This worked but wasn't very effective because I don't have a lot of knowledge of Blender and the software was a bit janky and created a lot of shaky animations. 
Using better software and a borrowed Xbox One Kinect I was able to capture some basic rollerblading animation in my apartment, bring it into Maya and retarget it to the custom mesh of the player character, Naomi. After doing that and watching a few too many YouTube Videos I was able to properly edit the animations so fix a few of the things that weren't working. Things like hands going through legs and the feet jittering a bit because the Kinect doesn't fully understand that I am in rollerblades. After all this I was able to create a rough first pass on forward movement! Now that the workflow has been worked out I am hoping the rest will come a lot faster next week. 
Next Steps:
I am going to record more motion capture of a few actions like backwards movement, stopping and turning. (I hope my downstairs neighbour doesn't hate me too much for this). I'm excited to put them in the game and get things going. Let's hope there's no issues with this!
Nabil has been working on figuring out the dialogue system that I bought on the asset store, configuring it into the project and creating small placeholder quests to try things out. He has also been working on the modular house builder that we got the code for from a very nice fellow indie dev! 
Next Steps:
Hopefully we will have completely modular houses being generated very soon as well as some fun quests being built!
Eliza has almost finished the first upbeat track for the game which is really exciting!!
Next Steps:
Eliza is going to begin working on the second track soon which is pretty exciting!
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