Terrains and more.
September, 28th 2021

First pass on house placement

I was able to export some first pass animations from the motion capture data and we are working on implementing them with a revised character controller.
I have also been focusing on the level design and spent a good chunk of time working on the terrain. (picture below) I also spent some time creating the houses on the north section of Albert St, which will be the main area of the map. This street is heavily based off of the street I grew up on so I'm taking a bit more time to make it feel like it did when I was 16. 
Next Steps:
I am finishing up Albert St and then I will move on to the surrounding streets, there rest of the ares in the map won't be as accurate to the original city (literally only because it would take a REALLY long time to do...I actually really wanna do it) 

First pass on terrain + Level layout

Nabil is working on the revised character controller to implement the new animations I made with the motion capture footage from July. He has also made a few fixes to our MP3 player UI and we have connected the quest system to the UI as well. 
Next Steps:
After the character controller has been completed Nabil will be moving on to implementing a day/night system that links in game time and music mood to our quests! Should be exciting.
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