Motion Capture + New Demo
December 17th, 2022

Motion Capture Footage

Motion Capture Photoshoot

We revised the demo! There’s an updated version on the Itch page and we would love for you to try it out!
Did a motion capture shoot! This was a great experience and a huge thank you to the Toronto Film School for the motion capture studio space! As well as Rob Elsworthy and Shane Thompson for being there the day of!
There have been multiple small updates to the art, my favourite being the props. Check out the video below. 
We also had a motion capture session!! This was super fun to do and it was a great time. Huge thanks to the Toronto Film School for the space as well as Rob Elsworthy as the session director and Shane Thompson as the technician! I am planning to get this revised movement into the game in the new year! Stay tuned for the inevitable bugs that will come from this! 
Next Steps:
I have been working on a revised character model and will be focusing on the NPC character models as well. Excited to get some new things in place. There’s also a narrative addition that I’m working on and excited to share it when it’s ready!

Some of my favorite props!

Although we haven’t had much change in the audio department, we are excited to start contacting local indie bands based in Ontario in hopes of licensing their music in the game to really bring home that feel of a 2010 small-town Ontario summer!
I am really excited about this and will be sure to keep you updated as things progress!
Next Steps:
Get bands on board!
We’ve been doing a lot of little changes and updating the mechanics as well. It’s funny that it’s been months since the last update but it feels like it just happened!
Next Steps:
We are taking a break for the holidays and will have lots to get on in the new year! We are excited to share it with you.​​​​​​​
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