Ubisoft Indie Series + a new head
January 24th, 2023
Happy 2023! Welcome back, we hope your year is starting off with a bang!
Our current demo is on itch and if you haven’t played it yet we would love for you to try it out!
We’ve been getting back into development and are excited about the new things we are going to be putting out this year!
We are also very excited to share that we are a finalist in the Ubisoft Indie Series presented by the National Bank!!
I have been working on a revised character model for Naomi, the main character. Check out the video below for a current work-in-progress sneak peek at her head. 
I’ve also been working on some changes to the level design that will help players feel a bit more grounded in the world. Adding some landmarks and details that will help players build a mental map as they play!
Next Steps:
In the coming weeks, I will be finishing up the player character and moving on to the NPC models as well as doing more level design changes.

Work in progress - head sculpt

We have been working on polishing current mechanics to make sure our core systems are the best they can be as well as implementing a few new things that I think will really help increase the immersion and storytelling in the game.
Next Steps:
We are working on creating a vertical slice so we will be continuing to polish our key features and mechanics.
We have been in contact with a local indie band who is interested in having their music in the game!! It’s a really exciting development that we can share more about once all the details have been worked out!
Next Steps:
Get more bands involved and also add some proper sound effects.
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