New look, New feel
June 25th, 2024
Over the last few months, we’ve brought on some new team members and really started focusing on revamping the older systems I had in place!
It’s been great so far and I’m excited to share some of the progress with you!
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New Character!!!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
We finally updated the character model and I’m SO excited to share the new look with you!
Huge shout out to Raquel, the Character Artist behind this great work!
This gives the player such life and really brings everything together!
The character is supposed to be me (Indigo) at 16 and it's like looking in a cartoon mirror. It’s a little creepy but also fascinating🤩
Revamped Lighting System
Craig (our VFX Artist) has created a beautiful system to manage the day and night lighting and in-game time!
This is a major improvement from the proof of concept I designed a few months ago. It’s really helping showcase the game in a new way!
Finally having some nice sunsets in the game is a huge deal to me so I’m really happy with how this is coming along!
Speed lines​​​​​​​
Craig also added in some new speed lines for the “regular” mood. They are meant to emulate some pencil lines being drawn in the world around Naomi.
Loving how these turned out!
We are working on adding in different speed lines based on the mood you’re in, these ones reflect just a casual mood in between “upbeat” and “downbeat”
Soon we will also have some new sprinting animations that will make this feel even better!
Updated character Controller​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Kevin (our programmer) has been working hard to revamp the character controller. We’ve been focusing on making the movement feel as natural and fun as possible.
The progress we’ve made so far has been a huge improvement on the older systems and it’s only getting better as we go.
There’s a lot of technical work that goes right over my head but here’s a breakdown of what’s changed:
- Basic movement is smoother
- You can brake now!
- We added a sprint timer 
- Slopes now affect your speed
- Your speed carries you forward to mimic inertia 
We will continue to have more updates as we work towards completing a vertical slice!
That’s all for now. 👋
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