New demo!
April 26th, 2023
Our latest demo is up on Itch! It’s free and just waiting for you to test it out. 
We had the amazing opportunity to exhibit RollerGirl this past week at XP Summit Toronto! Huge thanks to Ubisoft Toronto for offering us the space in the Indie Series Booth!
I have been working on adding additional props and interactable items within the level as well as some updates to the lighting and post-processing effects that make up the music-changing mechanic!
Next Steps:
Continuing to bring more life and detail to the game world for all of you to enjoy!
Our paper delivery mechanic has been implemented in its first iteration and we would love your feedback on it. We have also adjusted the camera controls and implemented a sensitivity slider so you can make it just right for you. We also added a map, once you find it in the world you can find it in your mp3 player!
Next Steps:
Continuing to add more depth to the features and polish the movement.​​​​​​​ 
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